DemoCamp Roundup!

Last night was TorDemoCamp5 (they aren’t ones for brevity).

Pete from Unspace made a demo of their livesearch feature (very cool!) and their datagrid. Datagrid basically lets you…. well, go here and see … So you can edit information live in a table and have it automatically update as you leave the field. Anyhow, I had a plugin mostly written to automate that process. However, it was lost in the GCo2006 (Great Crash of 2006). {/me weeps}

Anyhow, there were some really cool demos like the Blog Matrix system and this CRAZY THING CALLED “DabbleDB”. Absolutely amazing. Written in Smalltalk, its a website where basically you can just tag and describe all your data and sort it and filter it and re configure it.

For instance, you might use a spreadsheet to do your expenses. Use dabble db! It can sum and group your expenses. Student lists, done! Anything, done!

Its the kind of stuff that makes me realize that as good as I am at what I do, I won’t ever be *that* good.

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