Overpriced Movies.

So, when I lived in New York, I could deal with $10 a ticket in Manhattan. I mean, it is Manhattan and it was only the biggest theatres in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

However, nearly every theatre in Toronto is $12 dollars. Even ones that are out of downtown center. It really makes me crazy. In an age when we can buy a DVD for $12, THAT is the price they charge for just *one* ticket. And, don’t even talk to me about being able to download the movie.

That is an absurd price. However, there is ONE theatre which bucks this trend, and I really want to give them a shout-out. Rainbow Cinemas at Market Square is a theatre which doesn’t put a lot of money into looking stylish and occasionally is a week late on getting some movies, but they charge $6 a ticket at night… and $4 during the day.

Not only that, but they also have a mix of big budget movies and smaller independent films. It makes me feel like the theatre is run by actual people who actually love movies themselves. Not an evil corp who just wants to bleed the fun out of movies.

I mean, for just two of us to go to a movie at a Cineplex theatre (they own about 90% of the theatres in town) is $12 * 2 = $24 dollars, then you have to add on tax at 12%. That’s enough to buy three dvds in the bargain-bin or two brand new dvds from movies that came out not more than 3 months ago (thanks to the fast DVD turn around these days.)


Here are the personal facts for me. I don’t download movies. I love movies. I can’t afford to see the movies I want to see at most theatres. I would pay if I could afford $25, I just can’t pay that once a week. So, why not just download them. They aren’t losing anything since I couldn’t pay it anyway. So, what’s the problem?

That being said, I’m not going to do it. But, I just hate hearing the movie industry bitching about the fact that people download movies…….. I wonder why? Duh!

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  1. Adam Says:

    that’s crazy. i still get the 5.50 student discount. bet you wish you were in jax now, huh?

    also, you should think about moving to seattle with me next summer. you haven’t done the west coast yet. it would rock.

  2. Edward Says:

    canadian dollars aren’t worth the same amount as american dollars — therefore, according to my calculations, $12 canadian is only worth $10.60 american, which beats the $10.75 a ticket we’re now paying in new york.

    you should move to paris with me instead.

  3. Chris Nolan.ca Says:

    Glad you found Rainbow. As I started reading the rant I said to myself “I know what I’ll comment”, but then I didn’t need to.

    Re: downloading movies, check out my recent post about “Who Makes Movies” - http://chrisnolan.ca/ID/961.

    And since I’m a details guy sometimes I wanted to correct a few things for your american readers - tax here in Ontario is typically 15%, not 12%. And afaik the listed ticket prices @ theatres include tax, if you look @ the receipt (which I can’t seem to find any of right now… it seems I’m always finding old ones laying around my desk… oh well) it’ll be something less than the 11.95 or whatever, plus tax. Oh, and 3 months hasn’t happened yet for a dvd release I don’t think… the smallest the window has been so far is 4.5 months (except ‘Bubble’).

    Nice meeting you tonight, hope you made it home ok :-P

  4. Hampton Says:

    You’re like a hundred years old though!

  5. Adam Says:

    i do turn 25 in july. i’m going to just shave my head to avoid the male pattern baldness. since that runs in my family. oh, wait. it doesn’t. it runs in your family. have fun with that.

  6. Hampton Says:

    not on my mom’s side!


    seattle would be fun. though i’m rather ok with being an expatriot. i’m very fond of canada now.

    perhaps i take vancouver and you take seattle and we can meet in between?

    or, you can go to buffalo or detroit and be 3 hours from toronto, except in that case, i think i would win pretty easy in the “better end of the stick” part.

  7. Adam Says:

    oh. yeah. i’m dying to live in buffalo. that would be GREAT! or detroit.

    nope. it’s seattle or bust. i’m going to meet dan savage!

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