Web Quality Manifesto

Pete has posted an article called “Great Browser Expectations” about the expectations given by users and browsers when it comes to designing website.

One thing I hear over and over from other software designers is “You’re good, why aren’t you doing ‘real’ coding?” To me, that is an absurd comment. The code that I write has a wider audience and a bigger “splash ratio” (usage mixed with mindshare) than anything a “real software designer” will ever imagine.

The fact is, that doing *quality* web software design is probably the most difficult kind of coding in the world. You code must run on any platform, has distributed computing issues, widely used, often contains 100k+ row databases, and must have *instant* feedback. It gets incredibly difficult!

Forget HTML hacking, that’s fine. Writing a dynamic PHP script… wonderful! But when you get down to it, coding *real* web apps (with objects, quality, scoping, scaling, etc) is incredibly difficult and fulfilling at the same time.

Anyhow, read Pete’s rant. Its quite good. He lays out some major things we should look for when designing our systems. Sort of setting the bar on what the user’s interaction experience should be.

Read it!

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