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Invited To Speak At RailsConf Europe 2006

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Well, I’m absolutely super-excited to announce this. Because of the help of the amazing Pete (local Rails legend), a propsal to talk about HAML was submitted to the RubyCentral guys. HAML is what I made the day I had my “hackathon” mentioned a while ago. HAML: HTML Abstraction Markup Language. As a joke, Pete submitted […]

Fixing Lighttpd on Debian/Ubuntu

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Ever noticed lighttpd dying randomly late at night or every few days?
Do you see this in your error log? (tail /var/log/lighttpd/error.log)
2006-07-27 06:25:20: (server.c.1216) [note] graceful shutdown started
2006-07-27 06:25:24: (log.c.135) server stopped Sound like you’ve been bit by Debian Bug #380080. Its much like a Case Of The Mondays, except with a stronger burning […]

CRUDdy Stir!

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

I’m going to intra-blog weigh in on a raging debate over on Coda blog. Coda posted an article called
CRUD is not the only user interaction metaphor, thank you
Shit, that thing pasted in big. Well, I’ll leave it as such.
I’d like to weight in that I generally agree with Coda and I believe that he wasn’t […]

Haskell + Agile + Rails?

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Yes, much like Jamis I’m learning Haskell a relatively new functional programming language developed at MIT. My first problem with Haskell is that it has a horrific logo.
Beyond that, functional programming is extremely odd for your brain to parse if you’re an imperitive programmer like I am. Ruby, Java, Php, Basic, C, C++, and fucking […]

Big Meeting

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

As some of you may know. I’m involved in the very early phases of launching a startup company here in Toronto. We formed the company (not legally, but in agreements) on March 1st. We are going to launch our website on June 1st.
I’ve been writing the application (Rails) non-stop since then and have an incredibly […]

You know you’re an alpha nerd…

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

When you get excited as you download the edge version of rails and you eagerly read the CHANGELOG file and then, crossreference the bug-tracker ids that were recently closed. This is how you start your day, *every day* before the 9 hours of coding and unit-test writing that will follow. Also, when you start to […]

DevTower Alpha Version for Ruby on Rails / Rake

Friday, March 10th, 2006
Alright guys, this is a nice little package I put together which is
really quite simple and at least for me, endlessly useful.
I usually work in small teams of 2-3 other developers and usually we
are all running our own dev boxes at home. So, whenever someone makes a
change to the database schema or test data, it […]

CBC Radio 3

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Recently, I have become aware of how absolutely stunning the Canadian music scene really is. A while ago, I took a fancy to Iceland. I marvelled how a population of only 200,000 people could produce like 4 really good bands. Well, Canada has about that ratio when it comes to band. The US, by-population, is […]

FSM Spotting

Sunday, December 18th, 2005

I was reading about the Protocol’s of the Elders of Zion and found some interesting facts.
First off, if you think its real, then you need to leave this website right now.
Secondly, prior to 2004, Walmart sold copies of the book!
Thirdly, apparently the flying spaghetti monster is implicated in the plot. And I’d just like to […]

Alt.linux goodness.

Saturday, December 17th, 2005

I had a bit of fun with some flamebait in a usenet group…
check it out!
Google Groups link
Yes, I did misspell some things. So sue me.